How a PR Intern Can Harness the Power of Twitter

When I think of Twitter, I often imagine the floor of a stock exchange. Particularly, I am reminded of the scene in the classic film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”— a large space filled wall to wall with people yelling, running around and trying to get noticed with gestures. The success of an individual on the floor […]

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How a Social Media Post Is Just Like an Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch – we all have one, or at least we should. That quick and concise self-introduction is similar to the posts you or your business craft on social media. You get 30 seconds to talk about yourself with the hopes of winning the listener’s interest. You want to be memorable and engaging. Ultimately, […]

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Three Key Tools to Discover Healthcare Twitter Influencers

As Twitter surges over 500 million users, it remains a highly valued social media marketing channel for hospitals and healthcare companies. But how does a healthcare organization avoid wasting valuable time and resources incorporating the channel into their communications mix? What’s the best way to track down others to connect and engage with on a regular […]

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Nonprofit Spotlight: The Twitter ‘Goody’ Mob

What happens when you combine the mega-social platform Twitter with the crowd-boosting appeal of a flash mob? Answer – an innovative and effective way for organizations to drive support and interaction. First used by social media guru and new Weber Shandwick SVP, Ryan Hodgson in 2011, a ‘tweetmob’ is a viral Twitter takeover that asks […]

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Bringing Myspace Back

It’s been a tough road for Myspace. In an arena that’s dominated by established giants and rising stars like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, the competition for people’s time spent online is fiercer than ever. Cue Justin Timberlake. He and his fellow investors are “bringing Myspace back” (apologies to anyone that just cringed at that pun). The focus […]

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Trending Tech: Apple’s WWDC 2012, Cost Cuts & Facebook Exchange

Apple dominated another week after it announced new products and updates on the opening day of its Worldwide Developers Conference. In other news, Nokia announced massive layoffs while Dell communicated plans to cut costs to grow beyond PCs. Facebook announced the launch of a real-time ad bidding system to improve its ad revenue in conjunction with plans […]

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An Analysis of Social TV and the Second Screen

The Social TV movement has arrived. And it’s here to stay. Don’t believe me? Well tune into your favorite Prime Time TV show this week and chances are that you’ll see at least one of the following things: On-screen promotions of hashtags, Twitter handles and/or Facebook Pages Promotions of network and show-specific second-screen apps Contests […]

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Trending Tech: National Day of Unplugging, Job Cuts and Mergers

The tech world is constantly changing with mergers, business deals and new product releases. Yet again, Apple hit the front page with its decision to pay dividends and do a $10 billion buyback of its stock. In other news, Twitter celebrated its sixth birthday with 140 million active users, Google hired the Digg founder to […]

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SxSW Takeaway: On Brand Journalism

For years, Weber Shandwick has stressed storytelling as a critical component of any client’s communications strategy. And in today’s age of long form blogging and short form social media updates, it’s a huge opportunity to quickly (and accurately) share your message. Today, companies are spending a lot more money on creating their own content. In […]

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