Letting Go of Technology: The 2014 National Day of Unplugging

If you’re like me, you probably like to let loose a bit on Fridays. Maybe grab a long lunch, or knock off a bit early to enjoy a drink with friends. It’s almost the weekend, after all. But this Friday, people across the country are planning to unwind a bit differently. March 7 marks the […]

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3 Ways to Breathe New Life into a Story

Whether it’s an annual event or a company milestone, how do you take a familiar story that has been told repeatedly and make it interesting for your key audiences and the media to cover? Here are three ways to breathe new life into an old story: Be Socially Savvy:  Find ways to engage your target […]

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Take a Tech Detox and Celebrate National Day of Unplugging

To celebrate the fourth annual National Day of Unplugging on March 1, our client Reboot is asking people around the world to publicly share what they do when they’re not using technology. The “I UNPLUG TO _____” campaign invites people to share their commitment to unplugging by posting photos of what they will do when […]

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Tech Addict Conquers National Day of Unplugging

As follow up to my last post, I’m happy to report that I successfully survived my first National Day of Unplugging (NDU). What does a tech addict do without the Internet and gadgets she loves? First of all, she takes deep breaths and then looks around and enjoys the non-digital things in life, such as […]

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Embarking on a 24-Hour Tech Detox: National Day of Unplugging

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m addicted to technology. My day revolves around gadgets—my iPhone wakes me up in the morning, I listen to Spotify as I get ready and on my way to work, I’m glued to my email throughout the day, I communicate with friends and family via text, I rely on […]

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Abstaining from tech: Lessons from a time warp to 1985

(Post originally appeared on GeekWire, a recently launched technology news site started by John Cook and Todd Bishop) Erika Bitzer, 30, an account director in the Seattle office of the Weber Shandwick public-relations firm, was perhaps the perfect person to work on a PR project for this past weekend’s “National Day of Unplugging” — because she’s […]

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