Trending Tech: Acquisitions, New Products and Oracle Cloud

It’s a week of acquisitions as Google purchased Meebo and Quickoffice, and Citrix Systems acquired Bytemobile. In other news, Oracle unveiled new public cloud-based services, Napster founders unveiled a new video chat service and Microsoft announced ‘Smartglass’ technology for Xbox 360. 10. Samsung Names New CEO The man who led Samsung Electronics to the top […]

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Trending Tech: D10 Conference Talks Special Edition

The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital 10th annual D tech and business conference was an immense success. Industry’s most influential figures in media, venture capital and technology highlighted innovation, outlined the Internet trends, discussed the impact of cloud computing and remembered the legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs. The mood was upbeat, yet clearly the […]

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Trending Tech: Post-IPO troubles, Google's acquisition & HP layoffs

Apple’s CEO voluntarily gives up $75 million in dividends and Google closes $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Post IPO, Facebook gets sued by investors and draws criticism with release of Instagram-like camera app. In other news, Google emerges victorious in the legal battle against Oracle and Microsoft launches a social networking site. 10. SAP […]

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Trending Tech: Facebook IPO Special Edition

Facebook went public with its landmark IPO. With shares set at $38 apiece, Facebook Inc. is valued at more than $100 billion. With more than 900 million users, Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. The growth of Facebook has led to the rise of many start-ups creating its own economy. Facebook’s IPO is […]

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Trending Tech: Facebook's IPO, Google-Oracle legal battle & Microsoft's green initiative

Facebook is on a road trip to woo investors for its IPO, Yahoo is in deep-trouble with its CEO’s resume flap and Microsoft goes green with carbon neutral data centers. In other news, AOL gives away proceeds from patent sale to shareholders, Google goes for mistrial after a jury rules in Oracle’s favor over the […]

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Trending Tech: eBook market, acquisitions and IPO

Microsoft investing in Barnes & Noble’s Nook platform and Target’s announcement that it will stop carrying the Amazon Kindle will no doubt impact the ebook market. In acquisition news, IBM purchased Tealeaf Technology, LinkedIn acquired SlideShare and Cisco purchased Truviso. 10. Yelp down 8.5% even after strong first public quarter Yelp posted its first quarterly […]

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Trending Tech: Shutterfly's Kodak moment and Apple, the most valuable company

There is never a dull moment in the tech world. Apple shows a 94 percent profit making it the most valuable company while Nintendo sees its first-ever annual loss. In other news, Facebook buys patents from Microsoft which originally belonged to AOL, Shutterfly acquires a Kodak’s asset and IBM acquires Vivisimo as part of its […]

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Trending Tech: Lawsuits and boom in enterprise IPOs

Lawsuits trending in tech world with Google-Oracle feud in the headlines, Sprint-Nextel slammed with tax fraud lawsuit and Apple-Samsung in settlement talks over their patent infringement battle. Yahoo is axing stagnant units in a turnaround effort and Nokia’s stocks hit a 15-year low. 10. RIM: I’d like to use a lifeline and call JPMorgan Battling […]

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Trending Tech:Billion dollar purchases, stock split and company revival strategies

Facebook and Microsoft are shelling out billions of dollars making big purchases this week. Facebook hit the headlines with its big Instagram purchase and AOL made more than $1 billion by selling patents to Microsoft. In other news, Apple was sued by the U.S over e-book price-fixing, Sony’s new CEO announced plans to revive the […]

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