Proving the Value of Your Digital Efforts to the C-Suite

When it comes to analytics, social strategists care about different metrics than the C-Suite. Strategists need metrics that can help inform and revise campaign strategies and tactics — metrics that will help move the needle in the weeks and months ahead. The C-Suite wants to measure the impact on the bottom line. So when your senior leadership team […]

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Bin Laden's Death Sparks 5,000 Tweets per Second

Just a few days ago we highlighted the high numbers of tweets that the royal wedding inspired in the Twittersphere–reporting 2.2 million tweets over April 28th and 29th. Those numbers now seem small in comparison to the surge in tweets seen on Sunday when Obama addressed the nation to share the news of Osama Bin […]

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Recapping the Buzz from Swedish Ragan’s Social Media Healthcare Conference

Last week at Swedish Hospital and Ragan Communication‘s “The Role of Social Media in Engaging Patients, Employees and the Media” (#SwedishRagan) conference, we had the wonderful opportunity to shoot video interviews with Lee Aase (@leeaase), director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and Dana Lewis (@danamlewis), interactive marketing specialist for Swedish Health Services […]

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Key Takeaways from "How to Measure Social Media: Your Brand's Influence"

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending a social media measurement session led by VP InLine Analytics Margot Sinclair Savell (@margotsavell), one of my favorite Weber Shandwickians (yes, that’s a real term in Weber World). Speaking to a full house, she didn’t disappoint. Presented by the Puget Sound chapter of the Public Relations Society […]

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Part 4: Digital Measurement: Top Ten Tips & Traps

The original Creative Commons licensed Flickr photo was removed at the request of the owner. Here are ten tips to start an inexpensive digital measurement program and some traps to avoid. 1. Capture the importance of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, in addition to blogs, when measuring digital media. 2. Track conversations in discussion forums too […]

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Part 3: Digital Measurement: Did You Meet Your Goal?

When campaigns are measured effectively, you should be able to answer the most fundamental question: Did we achieve our goal and objectives? More details would emerge from the data with these questions: • Did your messages resonate in your target media? • Did they gain traction across multiple media? • Do you have a new […]

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Part 2: Why You Need A Digital Media Scorecard

At Weber Shandwick Seattle, we developed a Digital Media Scorecard that creates a consistent approach to measure the impact and return-on-investment of digital media activities. The scorecard assigns a point value to content within each community. Traditional metrics are also added to the scorecard to create an inline score. For example, the scorecard can help […]

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Part 1: Best Practices in Digital Measurement

Digital media strategies are fundamental in today’s PR world; they are accelerated by a rapid change in the media landscape that is driven by three key trends: a fragmentation of media sources, deteriorating media economics and an insatiable demand for content. This has led to an explosion of online information, and it too must be […]

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