Trending Tech: Facebook’s post-IPO troubles, Google’s acquisition and Samsung’s new tablet PC

Google is this week’s top newsmaker with its acquisition of Frommer’s travel guides and efforts to beef up its search patent library. The search engine giant also reported plans to re-org Motorola Mobility staff as part of its turnaround effort. In other news, the judge in the Apple-Samsung patent trial urged the companys’ CEOs to […]

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Trending Tech: Acquisitions, RIM’s denial of ‘death spiral’ and mini iPad

The week begins with tech companies on an acquisition spree. Dell acquired Quest Software, Sony purchased online gaming company, Gaikai and Micron took over the bankrupt Japanese chipmaker, Elpida. In other news, Microsoft writes-down $6.2 billion over lackluster results from its AQuantive deal and Apple preps for a smaller tablet. 10. New European guidelines to […]

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Trending Tech: Layoffs, lawsuits and mergers

Yahoo sinks into trouble as Facebook countersues the aging internet giant with patent infringement and CEO calls for mass layoffs in a turnaround effort. It’s a week of woes in the tech world with RIM facing a lawsuit over patent infringement and Viacom’s lawsuit against YouTube getting revived. In other news, Facebook chooses Nasdaq for […]

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Trending Tech: National Day of Unplugging, Job Cuts and Mergers

The tech world is constantly changing with mergers, business deals and new product releases. Yet again, Apple hit the front page with its decision to pay dividends and do a $10 billion buyback of its stock. In other news, Twitter celebrated its sixth birthday with 140 million active users, Google hired the Digg founder to […]

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Trending Tech: New iPad Hits Stores, Several Acquisitions and New Product Launches

It has been a busy week of acquisitions and lawsuit claims trending in tech news. At the top of the acquisition headlines Cisco will acquire NDS Group and Twitter has a new company under its belt. On the lawsuit front, Yahoo and Facebook are at it again with a new claim over patents. New product […]

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Trending Tech Top Ten – December 9, 2011

This week in tech features giants’ adventures in emerging markets. Microsoft makes more TV content available with its latest Xbox Live update and remains in the hunt with Yahoo. Google and Verizon, meanwhile, spar over mobile payment systems.  SAP’s big SuccessFactor acquisition fills its critical gap in cloud computing. 10. YouTube’s New Design is Here […]

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