How to Maximize Your College Years to Land a Job in PR

Last week Weber Shandwick Seattle afforded my colleague and me the opportunity to relive the most cherished of times… We woke up in the morning, grabbed our coffee cups and headed off to school—college to be exact! The University of Washington ‘Intern Thursdays’ program invited Weber Shandwick to come chat with a few rising communications […]

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No, Real PR Is Not Like Samantha Jones’ PR

I’ll admit it. My first impression of a public relations professional came from watching Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. PR seemed like it was all about attending star-studded events, dining at the hottest and newest restaurants and going to the most glamorous parties. It made me think, “Wow, being a publicist certainly seems like all fun and no work!” (And honestly, that lifestyle does not appeal to me.)

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PR, the Career I Can’t Explain

So what exactly does someone working in PR do? That’s a good question, as the inner workings of PR aren’t as obvious to an outsider in the same ways that those of a doctor, lawyer or tennis instructor might be. As a result, answering this reasonably straightforward question can be a challenge.

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PR Internship Snapshot: Los Angeles vs. Seattle

Moving from sunny Los Angeles to rainy Seattle, I’ve had the opportunity to work in two major PR hubs. Because of this, I’ve had many Seattleites ask me about my experience in LA. With those questions, I’ve also heard some assumptions about LA PR that were clearly drawn from popular media. Below, I attempt to break the myths.

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BYU Students Get Glimpse Into Life at Weber Shandwick Seattle

Earlier this month, a group of BYU-Idaho communications students visited to get a peek inside what agency life is like at Weber Seattle. BYU-Idaho brings students to our office each year as a part of the school’s PR internship development and we always look foward to hosting the crew. As a recent BYU alum, I […]

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Weber Shandwick Seattle Plays Host to the Zags

Earlier this month, a group of Gonzaga University students came to visit us at WS Seattle as part of the university’s annual Seattle Trek. The Trek is a career development and networking program designed to help connect students to professionals in key disciplines in major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. We were excited to be […]

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