Meet Rose Berg – Seattle Healthcare Practice Lead

Weber Shandwick Seattle is proud to announce the newest member of our office’s executive leadership team, and the backbone of our burgeoning healthcare practice: Rose Berg. Rose is a Seattle native with a passion for advocacy in health and public affairs, and a professional network that keeps her closely connected to the community. She has served organizations […]

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4 Tips for Creating Your Next Health Care PSA

“We need a new PSA. We need it now.” Ahh, the infamous public service announcement. A carefully crafted, message-rich video or radio spot typically created with the direct intent of promoting an issue or cause. In the old days, PSAs were often shipped off to TV and radio stations with the hopes of garnering some […]

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The Next 15 – Predicting the Future of Health Care Communications

“You can also just use our hospital app to schedule your appointment…or email your doctor, or check your medical records, or fill a prescription…”

Say what???

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3 Tips to Integrate Social Bookmarking Into Your Hospital Marketing

When it comes down to it, online clicks are social currency. While we’re often quick to only associate online engagement around obvious items such as Facebook “likes” or Twitter retweets,  it’s the catalogued and stored content that is helping spur additional waves of attention. Last week, Read Write Web announced that StumbleUpon has now surpassed […]

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5 Tips to Socially Scale Your Health Care Organization

“Just go ask the social media person” is still a phrase too commonly uttered up and down the halls of health care organizations. It’s also a phrase that will hopefully soon diminish in the near future. Three years ago, mainstream adoption of social media as a valuable PR/marketing asset caused health care organizations to recognize […]

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The Crucial Link to Drive Health Care Community Engagement?

Numbers alone? Bad. Numbers plus analysis? Good. Fact – data can be overwhelming. Amidst trying to source and develop content, serve as a community manager and still keep a strategic step ahead (oh yeah, while doing your other job tasks), data can easily be pushed to the  back burner. Unfortunately, you’re selling yourself and your […]

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1st Take with Frank Orrico: Science and Storytelling

With medical breakthroughs happening daily, how do health organizations communicate scientific data and key findings to key stakeholders? Weber Shandwick Global Director of Scientific Communications, Frank Orrico, PhD., leads a team that specifically works on programs and projects intended for professional and technical audiences, including physicians, scientists and health/science media. In this edition of our […]

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Global Health: Bringing it Home

I met Judith in 1998, in Siaya, Kenya. She spoke quietly of the baby girl she had lost to malaria which had infected her child’s brain. Judith later turned her tragedy into resolve to save other mothers and children from a similar fate. She trained to become a community health worker and soon spent hours every day walking dusty roads to diagnose and […]

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Recapping the Buzz from Swedish Ragan’s Social Media Healthcare Conference

Last week at Swedish Hospital and Ragan Communication‘s “The Role of Social Media in Engaging Patients, Employees and the Media” (#SwedishRagan) conference, we had the wonderful opportunity to shoot video interviews with Lee Aase (@leeaase), director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and Dana Lewis (@danamlewis), interactive marketing specialist for Swedish Health Services […]

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