Want to Boost Your Creativity? Get Outside.

It’s a scenario that’s all too familiar here at Weber Shandwick Seattle. There are three intelligent, creative and eager minds gathered in a room. It is 3:30 p.m. There is a whiteboard, chalkboard, Trello board, or Pinterest board involved. We are brainstorming, trying to nail that great, big, “ah-ha!” idea that will surprise and delight […]

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Top 20 Public Relations & Integrated Marketing Insights from 2012

2013 is here. I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that this year is going to be just as exciting and game-changing as the last. But before we jump headfirst into 2013, I encourage you to take a look at our best public relations and marketing insights from 2012. Treat it as […]

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Two Minutes with…Lucas Anderson

As a visual storyteller, do you feel that our culture of rapid social communications is compromising or helping elevate visual art?
Everyone in visual media should be rejoicing that the masses are getting closer and closer to appreciating quality work. Photographers, designers, illustrators, animators; everyone just became more in demand and more valued because brands need daily content that is pinnable, sharable, tweetable, likable and ‘goes viral.’ I’m happy to report that while it seems like photography has “died” four times in the last 20 years, I’m still making images professionally.

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Weber Shandwick Launches Its New Engagement Lounge

Last week, we unveiled our new collaboration and engagement space: the Engagement Lounge. We now have a space that showcases some of the latest and greatest consumer technology and truly embodies our approach to engaging, always. Aside from allowing us to get hands-on with the brand new tech it houses, the lounge will enable us to […]

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Planning for the New Public Relations

Real-time Branding Needs Real-time Branders As we head into the home stretch of 2012, Weber Shandwick and many of our clients are focused on business plans for 2013. Neck deep in that process for Weber Shandwick Seattle, my leadership team and I have been asking ourselves what has changed in the past year? There are […]

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Simplicity and Creativity: Ingredients to a Great Video

One of the best things about working at Weber Shandwick Seattle is having leading, cross-discipline specialists sitting no more than a few paces away from your desk. Paul Kiely is one of those specialists. Over the years, he’s received countless awards and spends his days drumming up some of the best client videos you’ll ever […]

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Time for PR to Push the Innovation Envelope

I can’t think of a more exciting industry to be in at the moment. Eight years since I first stepped foot into a PR agency and my parents still can’t figure out what exactly I do for a living. They’re smart folks, it’s not their fault. My job and this industry is constantly evolving. Eight […]

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Just Another Day At Weber Shandwick Seattle

The PR industry has changed drastically and creative content is in fact the lifeblood by which agencies now distinguish themselves. What I personally love about Weber is that we infuse creativity into everything we do. Below is a sliver of insight into another typical day at the office here. Another great video shoot, another…person in […]

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1st Take with Matthew Black: Sharpening Your Presentation Skills

What makes a memorable presentation or story? What tools and visuals are used to grab attention? How do presenters use their bodies and voices to emphasize key points and paint a picture? Matthew Black, Director, Learning and Development for Weber Shandwick, was recently in Seattle leading interactive training sessions with our team. In this edition […]

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