Got Content, but No Distribution Strategy?

You’ve got your documented content strategy. You’ve got a creative, relevant, interesting and actionable piece of content for your target audience. You publish the piece and wait for the hits to start rolling in. But hours go by, then days, then weeks, and that killer piece of content is still drawing little, if any, reach […]

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The Power of the Things Not Said

Like a lot of people, This American Life was my gateway drug into what I can only imagine will be a lifelong addiction to audio storytelling. I love audio stories. I listen to them. I produce them. I shake when I don’t have them. There is no cure. I’m hooked. The show’s host, Ira Glass, […]

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The Future of Entertainment—Three Ways to Surround Your Audience

We’re on information overload. This trend is nothing new, but it’s also not going away and it’s something we need to continue to think about as communications professionals. The ability to access information we want is no longer enough. Now, we want information we didn’t even know we wanted.  Between the television, laptop, tablet and […]

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Planning for the New Public Relations

Real-time Branding Needs Real-time Branders As we head into the home stretch of 2012, Weber Shandwick and many of our clients are focused on business plans for 2013. Neck deep in that process for Weber Shandwick Seattle, my leadership team and I have been asking ourselves what has changed in the past year? There are […]

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Your Fingers Are Not Too Fat

I was 15-years old when I first picked up the guitar. And like, I don’t know… 19 or 20 before I set it down for more than a few minutes at a time. I played that thing constantly. Hours and hours of memorizing finger positions, fumbling over chords and willing my helpless, weakling, runt-of-the-litter pinky […]

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Old Spice Another Proof Point for Capturing Production

We all love good content. The perfect combination of text, audio and images delivered at the right time to the right audience is something content marketing pros strive for on a daily basis. A huge chunk of campaign planning is typically devoted to developing the overarching storytelling framework and the crucial content that supports that […]

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Blogging for the Busy Professional Part 2 – How to Efficiently Convert Ideas into Posts

In Part 1 of this series, I provided some suggestions on where to quickly find content inspiration. But being able to source great ideas for blog posts on the fly won’t help you save time if you get bogged down by the rest of the writing process. This time around, we’ll focus on time-saving techniques. […]

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The “Blogs Are Dying” Debate Continues…

My online routine was turned upside-down the other week when my usual “dose of pop culture” from the highly-visited Gawker.com was interrupted by a new site format. After months of knowing what to expect from the pop culture blog – a front page of witty headlines and paragraph posts and pictures (contained perfectly in rectangular […]

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