3 Reasons Why Your Brand Can’t Ignore In-Depth Content

As someone born in 1981, I may be among the last people born with an attention span. Well, that’s the stereotype anyway. If you are a part of the so-called Millennial generation, word is that your attention span can be measured in seconds. I mean, it is the age group that popularized TL;DR, right? Of […]

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Brand Recognition + Engagement = Success

With Google+ becoming a growing social media platform, more companies are “adding” it (no pun intended) to their online communities to keep up with the newest tools and methods in online engagement. In November 2011, Google announced Google+ branded pages (versus profiles) for companies to interact directly with their community and boost brand visibility online. […]

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Enhancing Brand Engagement Through Storytelling

We all know a great story when we see or hear one. In the end, stories may evoke a wide range of emotion or reaction for different audiences but in most cases, there are a common core set of elements that are consistent across all great stories. Too often, we see brands struggle when they […]

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