Why Non-Blogging Hospitals Are Missing Out

While hospitals continue integrating social media into their overall marketing efforts, current data shows that far fewer hospitals maintain active blogs relative to other social channels. A quick hop over to @EdBennett‘s excellent hospital social media resource site reveals the following: Hospital Social Network List U.S. Hospitals that use Social Networking tools – updated on […]

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The Next 15 – Predicting the Future of Science Communications

Fifteen years ago, the human genome had not yet been sequenced. It was 2001 before that milestone was reached and we could see the order of the 3 billion base pairs that determine so much of our destiny. And the beat goes on. By the end of 2011, Nature magazine predicts 30,000 individual human genomes will have been deciphered.

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Two Minutes with…Justin Tsang

“Two Minutes With” is Weber Shandwick Seattle’s employee spotlight series that provides professional and personal insight into our rock star team. Enjoy! As a major contributor to the WS Seattle blog, it’s clear you have a strong passion for digital and social media. What sparked this interest? I’d have to say that the original spark […]

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It’s All About Timing – When to Tweet, Post and Send Email

Dan Zarrella is a social media guru who gets tens of thousands of registered attendees to his free HubSpot webinars. Let’s get down to the goodies. In a recent session entitled “The Science of Timing!” Dan Zarrella presented on “how to time” for three online categories: social (Twitter and Facebook), email and blogging. He shared the results of […]

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Blogging for the Busy Professional Part 2 – How to Efficiently Convert Ideas into Posts

In Part 1 of this series, I provided some suggestions on where to quickly find content inspiration. But being able to source great ideas for blog posts on the fly won’t help you save time if you get bogged down by the rest of the writing process. This time around, we’ll focus on time-saving techniques. […]

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The “Blogs Are Dying” Debate Continues…

My online routine was turned upside-down the other week when my usual “dose of pop culture” from the highly-visited Gawker.com was interrupted by a new site format. After months of knowing what to expect from the pop culture blog – a front page of witty headlines and paragraph posts and pictures (contained perfectly in rectangular […]

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Blogging for the Busy Professional Part 1 – Where to Quickly Find Content Inspiration

If you’re like me on most days, there is no resource that comes close to being as precious as time. Deadlines, calls, meetings… it’s not uncommon for me to blink an eye and see that by some anomaly, it’s five in the afternoon and no longer nine in the morning. And like every other one […]

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What Conversation Topics Were Buzzing at CES?

CES 2011 marked an exciting time in Vegas as tech enthusiasts and brands across the world gathered to put the annual international Consumer Electronics Show. The Weber Shandwick Seattle team was again highly involved in this year’s event! Although the CES site has a nice social tracking tool in place, we thought it would be […]

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