Why Non-Blogging Hospitals Are Missing Out

While hospitals continue integrating social media into their overall marketing efforts, current data shows that far fewer hospitals maintain active blogs relative to other social channels. A quick hop over to @EdBennett‘s excellent hospital social media resource site reveals the following: Hospital Social Network List U.S. Hospitals that use Social Networking tools – updated on […]

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Seattle PR Pros Shed Light on Blogging Best Practices

They may not call themselves social media experts, but the panelists at this week’s PRSA Puget Sound event are about as close as you can get. The wine and cheese social “Blogging in the Public Interest” featured event panelists Matt Rosenberg, executive director of Public Eye Northwest, Katie McCarthy, senior media relations consultant for Group […]

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WS Seattle @goarmy Team Talks Social Media at Annual Milblog Conference

As trade shows like SxSW and Blogworld continue to grow in popularity, so do niche events that target individual groups of bloggers. The annual Milblog Conference is such an example. Heralded as the “largest formal event geared specifically for the military blogging community,” the sixth edition held recently in Washington, D.C. included more than 200 […]

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5 Tips for Hospitals to Maximize Promotion of Blog Posts

Blog strategy created? Check. Hospital CEO sign-off on blog? Check. Staff writers trained and ready? Check. Editorial calendar in place? Check. Hundreds of views every post?  Not so much. Driving consistent high traffic to a hospital blog is always a challenge.  It of course starts with creative content and well structured posts. If every one […]

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The World is Going Mobile and so is the U.S. Army

Army Strong Stories, the Army’s premiere blog where every Soldier is invited to share stories about their day-to-day life in the military, is now accessible through an iPhone app and mobile website. Both mobile options give Soldiers, spouses, parents, prospects, and other Army supporters on-the-go access to a rich community of more than 650 Soldiers […]

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Blogging for the Busy Professional Part 2 – How to Efficiently Convert Ideas into Posts

In Part 1 of this series, I provided some suggestions on where to quickly find content inspiration. But being able to source great ideas for blog posts on the fly won’t help you save time if you get bogged down by the rest of the writing process. This time around, we’ll focus on time-saving techniques. […]

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The “Blogs Are Dying” Debate Continues…

My online routine was turned upside-down the other week when my usual “dose of pop culture” from the highly-visited Gawker.com was interrupted by a new site format. After months of knowing what to expect from the pop culture blog – a front page of witty headlines and paragraph posts and pictures (contained perfectly in rectangular […]

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Blogging for the Busy Professional Part 1 – Where to Quickly Find Content Inspiration

If you’re like me on most days, there is no resource that comes close to being as precious as time. Deadlines, calls, meetings… it’s not uncommon for me to blink an eye and see that by some anomaly, it’s five in the afternoon and no longer nine in the morning. And like every other one […]

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