Trending Tech: Google's skydiving stunt, Nexus 7 & RIM's decline

Google makes headlines and sets a new PR stunt bar, with an action-packed developers conference involving a  skydiving stunt featuring Google’s ‘Project Glass’ and introducing its first tablet,  Nexus 7. In other news, Microsoft officially buys Yammer, iPhone celebrates five years of sales with $150 billion revenue and RIM posts a loss of $518 million. […]

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Trending Tech: Apple’s WWDC 2012, Cost Cuts & Facebook Exchange

Apple dominated another week after it announced new products and updates on the opening day of its Worldwide Developers Conference. In other news, Nokia announced massive layoffs while Dell communicated plans to cut costs to grow beyond PCs. Facebook announced the launch of a real-time ad bidding system to improve its ad revenue in conjunction with plans […]

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Trending Tech: Facebook's IPO, Google-Oracle legal battle & Microsoft's green initiative

Facebook is on a road trip to woo investors for its IPO, Yahoo is in deep-trouble with its CEO’s resume flap and Microsoft goes green with carbon neutral data centers. In other news, AOL gives away proceeds from patent sale to shareholders, Google goes for mistrial after a jury rules in Oracle’s favor over the […]

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Trending Tech:Billion dollar purchases, stock split and company revival strategies

Facebook and Microsoft are shelling out billions of dollars making big purchases this week. Facebook hit the headlines with its big Instagram purchase and AOL made more than $1 billion by selling patents to Microsoft. In other news, Apple was sued by the U.S over e-book price-fixing, Sony’s new CEO announced plans to revive the […]

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Meet PoliPulse…

As I write this, millions of conversations about politics, government and society are taking place in the digisphere. And a few years ago, it was pretty much impossible to accurately decipher this online chatter. But times have changed. Analytics tools powered by advanced algorithms have emerged, and they allow their users to gain insight into […]

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