African Adventure Shows No Boundaries

I’ve had a bucket list for as long as I can remember, long before Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson made it cool. It includes things like going to every major sporting event in the world (I have a long way to go), but also focuses on my desire to see the world. It’s pretty awesome […]

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TIME’s Alex Perry Casts a Wide Net in Global Fight Against Malaria

“Poverty doesn’t just hurt the poor, it hurts everyone” ~ Alex Perry Last Thursday, several of my colleagues and I heard Alex Perry, TIME’s South African bureau chief, speak about the global fight against malaria. His talk was appropriately held at Seattle BioMed, where scientists are researching mosquitoes and developing a vaccine for the deadly […]

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Every Mom is One in a Million

“Every mom counts.” “We all have moms.” “You don’t have to be a mom to help a mom.” UN Week in mid-September saw the launch of the Million Moms Challenge in Times Square, trumpeted through facebook, twitter, a new game app, and an ABC video segment. The video showed how measles is spreading among Somali […]

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Knight Health Fellow Shares Her Expert Insights on African Media

Today, six of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world are in sub-Saharan Africa. As Secretary of State Hilary Clinton noted in a visit to Ethiopia, this number is only expected to rise. While Africa’s growing prominence is causing seismic shifts across sectors, PR professionals should especially take note. Most of the major global […]

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