Bin Laden's Death Sparks 5,000 Tweets per Second

Just a few days ago we highlighted the high numbers of tweets that the royal wedding inspired in the Twittersphere–reporting 2.2 million tweets over April 28th and 29th. Those numbers now seem small in comparison to the surge in tweets seen on Sunday when Obama addressed the nation to share the news of Osama Bin […]

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The True Value of LinkedIn Today

On the surface, LinkedIn Today appears to be another one of LinkedIn‘s ploys to keep more of its users logged in for more than a few minutes at a time. By positioning itself as your new morning news (“Start your workday with LinkedIn Today”), the service aims to draw in users on a more consistent, prolonged basis. […]

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A Call from Global Washington: Create a Map

There was no map. No map to dictate degree of slope, fault lines, population centers, roads, or safe water sources. A 7.0 earthquake struck and within an instant, turned a city to rubble. The Red Cross, the United Nations, World Vision, governments and citizens from around the world rushed to the rescue with supplies, support […]

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