Exploring the World of Influential Igers

2013 has been an aggressive year of Instagram exploration for many brands and 2014 looks to be even bigger. This year, the platform introduced their first attempt at ad integration and have now initiated segmented content sharing through Instagram Direct. While brands will move quick to navigate these new features and push back on the […]

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Get Back to Your Roots: How Authenticity is Now More Important than Ever

The trend of authenticity has become a major part of pop culture over the past couple of years. It’s about removing the sense of “mass production” and telling a familiar story that creates a personal touch and connection for consumers. But why has this trend become so popular? One reason is because consumers are subconsciously […]

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The Power of the Things Not Said

Like a lot of people, This American Life was my gateway drug into what I can only imagine will be a lifelong addiction to audio storytelling. I love audio stories. I listen to them. I produce them. I shake when I don’t have them. There is no cure. I’m hooked. The show’s host, Ira Glass, […]

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Unleash Your Inner Project Manager

You may not realize it but you manage projects every day—big and small—even if your title isn’t “project manager.” Whether that means planning a large-scale PR event or cooking dinner for your family, you are often charged with facilitating a lot of moving pieces (multiple people, different personalities, looming deadlines) to ensure success. The level […]

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5 Things PR Professionals Can Learn From Roleplaying Games

Over Labor Day weekend I spent fours days at PAX Prime, gaming with dozens of incredibly talented improvisational storytellers. All around me groups of complete strangers were gathering at tables to make up compelling scenarios of greed, betrayal, revenge and redemption. We were playing tabletop roleplaying games–a type of game whose mass popularity peaked in […]

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No Boundaries: Chasing Wolves

When presented with an opportunity to go “pursue a personal passion,” it can be hard to focus your flights of fancy and reign in the imagination. How far can you really travel and how many days will you need to complete this pursuit? Can you really afford it? Well, I did manage to reign in […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Brand Can’t Ignore In-Depth Content

As someone born in 1981, I may be among the last people born with an attention span. Well, that’s the stereotype anyway. If you are a part of the so-called Millennial generation, word is that your attention span can be measured in seconds. I mean, it is the age group that popularized TL;DR, right? Of […]

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Cannes Reporting: Creativity Truths from Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs

In our latest post from Cannes, Vasu Subrahmanian recaps a session from P. Diddy on how to be better than the best.

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Cannes Reporting: Insights from Google’s X Lab

As part of our #CannesReporting series, Vasu Subrahmanian recaps a session from Google’s secret lab, Google X.

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