Grammar Gram! Volume 1

We’re in the communications business. And part of being a good communicator is minding your p’s and q’s. In this blog series, senior copywriter Mike Mathieu gives grammar lessons you might actually remember next time you’re communicating something important. Tip #1: Polishing Up Parentheses Does closing punctuation fall inside or outside parentheses? It depends. To […]

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No Boundaries: Learning Laser Cutting and MIG Welding in PDX

Every year, Weber Shandwick’s signature No Boundaries program provides a select group of Weber Shandwick Seattle employees with $1,000 and 5 days off to pursue a personally and professionally enriching passion. This series will detail the experiences of this past year’s three winners. First up, senior designer Tanya Stockland.    This whole thing started when Megan McMullen sent […]

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Talking Storytelling with Crosscut: 4 Key Takeaways

This week, we welcomed two very special guests from Crosscut to our office: Tamara Power-Drutis, executive director, and Greg Hanscom, editor-in-chief. Crosscut is a leading local not-for-profit news source aiming to make Seattle a united, informed and engaged community. The duo joined us for an impromptu happy hour. Drinks in hand, we picked each other’s brains about the direction […]

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2015 Cannes Convergence: Let’s Make Marketing More Useful

Amidst the sun-soaked passion that was dished up regularly at the 2015 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, it is healthy as marketers to remind ourselves of one important fact: Most marketing is still what we skip over, tune out and find mildly annoying as we hurry onto other things. But there were two insights shared at […]

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3 Tabletop Games That Are Great PR Exercises

Human beings learn many of their most necessary social skills during childhood through play. Pretending to be an adult in such roles as firefighter, teacher or parent gives us an opportunity to experience a variety of real-world scenarios in a low-consequence environment. If, as a pretend firefighter, you let a pretend house burn down, you might play out a […]

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Storytelling: What Happens Next

Before coming to Weber Shandwick, I worked as a freelance editor. It was often my job to not only tidy up the commas and conjugations, but also to offer advice about how authors might improve their storytelling. The most common observation I made on that subject? Authors could afford to pick up the pace. Particularly […]

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Notes from a Weber Shandwick GoLive Producer

I got the call on a Saturday morning. “Buy your plane ticket and fly out Monday. You’ll be directing a live show in Berlin on Thursday.” Usually, getting involved in a live show doesn’t happen this fast. But the high energy and quick pace of that call and all other subsequent planning events, that’s something […]

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Pushing the Boundaries of PR: Video Innovations and Content Creation

As the lines blur between PR firms, advertising agencies and content production companies, PR practitioners are tasked more and more often with creating multimedia content that is both engaging and innovative. Yet, for many in our profession, this is new and uncharted territory, one that easily offers as many opportunities for award-winning success as pitfalls […]

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Why Content Marketing is Like the Hunger Games

Content marketing is all about communicating with an audience by creating valuable and relevant content. Its purpose is not to overtly sell anything, but to help customers become more intelligent buyers. With every company trying to create their own content marketing campaign, the fight for survival is relentless. Captivating audiences is harder than ever because […]

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