Weber Shandwick Seattle is proud to announce we have chosen the Council on American Islamic Relations of Washington (CAIR-WA) and the Muslim Association of Puget Sound’s American Muslim Empowerment Network (MAPS-AMEN) as our 2018 pro-bono Impact Project partners. Aligned with this year’s theme of civility, we are dedicating up to $100,000 worth of our staff time to address these organizations’ primary communications goals: to reach diverse audiences and promote key programming that encourages civil discourse and understanding across cultural divides.

“Now more than ever, we have to counter the misinformation, negative stereotypes, and conspiracy theories about Islam and Muslims in our country promoted by those who profit from a narrative of fear and divisiveness,” said MAPS-AMEN’s Executive Director Aneelah Afzali. “We are so honored and excited to work with a leading global PR firm, Weber Shandwick, to create effective ways to engage our fellow Americans, unite on our shared American values, and promote facts over fiction, love over hate, and faith over fear.”

More and more, incivility has come to define public discourse around the world. At Weber Shandwick, our own research shows that incivility has expanded over time and the volatility in our politics, environments, and media only exacerbates the issue.

“Although our agency cannot solve a problem as pervasive as incivility, we believe in taking steps toward progress,” stated Michelle Maggs, executive vice president and general manager of Weber Shandwick Seattle. “In partnership with CAIR-WA and MAPS-AMEN, we are committed to advancing critical public conversations about civility in our own local communities and beyond.”

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  1. Comment by Hyder

    Hyder March 2, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    Thank you for your efforts to promote civility in our discourse and your support of MAPS-AMEN and CAIR-WA. I reaffirms why I looked up to this country when I migrated to US many years ago and why I am proud to be an US citizen.

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