Weber Shandwick has offices around the world. Even though we work with clients everywhere to solve global problems, we also believe that big change starts at home.

To make a greater impact in our community, we’re searching for a local nonprofit to work with as part of our “2018 Impact Project” – a program in which Weber Shandwick provides up to $100,000 of free marketing and communications services to an organization that is committed to making a difference for the city of Seattle and its people.

For 2018, our Impact Project theme is civility. Increasingly, and all around the world, we’ve seen incivility consume the way we speak and interact with one another. By helping to define and promote civility, our hope is that we can begin inspiring others to disagree with respect, seek common ground, and listen past their preconceptions.

Our Weber Shandwick Seattle team is issuing an RFP (see below) this week for nonprofit organizations to pitch us, and we’ve developed the following selection criteria. Our Impact Project partner must:

  •       Be a nonprofit or community organization working to advance civility in public discourse
  •       Be willing and able to commit to a 6-7-month engagement
  •       Demonstrate a need for specific communications support for the 2018 calendar year
  •       Share a point of contact who will manage the project with Weber Shandwick

We will prioritize potential partners that create opportunities for our employees to contribute bold and creative communications solutions focused on the issue of civility.

If your organization is selected, we will work with you to develop a scope of work outlining the services and deliverables that Weber Shandwick Seattle will provide and a timeline for our work together. The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, December 8 at 5 pm. Select organizations will be invited to present during the week of January 9. Final selection will be made in late January.

If you are interested in applying, please send the following information to: impactprojectseattle@webershandwick.com.

REQUEST FOR PARTNERS (not to exceed one page)

Please include the following information in your short submission. We’re not looking for anything long—just a page in Word or PDF format is sufficient.

Organization Name:

Website URL:


Point person for this project (phone and email):

How is your organization helping to advance civility in public discourse?

What are the primary communications priorities/goals for your organization?

How could Weber Shandwick’s pro bono communications support contribute to those goals?

Timeline for RFP Evaluation and Contract:

  •       RFP distributed to nonprofits: Week of November 13
  •       Responses due to Weber Shandwick: Friday, December 8
  •       Finalists will be invited for quick pitch meetings with Weber Shandwick: Week of January 9, 2018
  •       Selection of nonprofit partner: Late January 2018
  •       Scope of work begins: February 2018
  •       Scope of work ends:  July 31, 2018

Questions and completed RFPs should be submitted via e-mail to impactprojectseattle@webershandwick.com. To learn more about Weber Shandwick, visit webershandwick.com.

All RFPs will be acknowledged.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Weber Shandwick Seattle! We look forward to hearing from you.


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