In today’s increasingly tech-dependent world, does the media still matter?

The Seattle Chapter of the American Women in Communications brought Mara Liasson, political correspondent at National Public Radio, to Town Hall to moderate a discussion and tackle that question with local media experts: John Cook, co-founder of GeekWire; Caryn Mathes, president and general manager at KUOW; Kathy Best, editor at The Seattle Times and Dan Dixon, chief community engagement officer at Providence Health & Services, Swedish Hospital.

In spite of the ever-shifting nature of print, traditional and online media outlets, here are a few highlights from the discussion as to why the media still matters in our society.

  • Truth, transparency and integrity are worth preserving and we need journalists to help maintain these values.
  • Print media is not dying, but evolving and journalists can tell stories in fresh and exciting ways.
  • There is no better time to involve your audience in the story making and storytelling process.
  • Everybody’s a reporter today, so dig through social media to find and seek the truth.
  • The best stories still come from old fashioned beat reporters.
  • Digital is just the distribution. It’s still all about the storytelling stupid.


Regardless of all the changes happening in media today, stories are what we remember. We may forget the names and places, but we rarely forget the story, the emotional connection and how it made us feel. We relate to stories and we need the media to keep digging, finding and telling those stories to us in order to stay connected to our communities.

Photo Credit: OpenFile Calgary

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