It’s Diversity Week at Weber Shandwick, and we are celebrating everything that makes our team unique!

We speak Spanish, Thai, Russian, French, Hungarian and Hebrew, and we’ve had a lot of jobs: everything from being the cashier at an ice cream shop to harvesting blueberries, refereeing kids’ soccer and running a junk shop.

We paint, play guitar, sing, cook, hula hoop, run, sculpt, garden, snorkel, hike, cycle, photograph and scuba dive.

We’re from Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Detroit and more.

Our families hail from Brazil, France, Canada, England, Sweden, Finland, Syria and the U.A.E. We’ve lived in Thailand, Hungary and Russia, and we’ve traveled to Mexico, England and Japan. And that barely covers our team.

Check out these photos from this week, as we explore what diversity means to us (and enjoyed some great food along the way!)


We’ve come from a lot of different places, too:

Some fun facts from our map:

“My grandparents lived several years in a lookout tower while working for the forest service.”  – Ashley

“My father hails from Aguascalientes, Mexico.” – Josh

“My family has lived in Canada for so many generations that we’re classified as “United Empire Royalists (essentially SUPER Canadian)” – Robyn

“Through ancestry research, we learned that we have descendants from the Guiness family. Cheers!” – Megan

“My grandmother was born and raised in Japan but escaped to Mongolia during WWII and lived there for many years with her family.” – Karly

Oh, can’t forget the food, of course.

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