Welcome to part II of our #WeberInTheWild series, where we check in on how members of the Weber team spend their time in the great Pacific Northwest!


Jordan Slaymaker: “You’re the Best! No, You’re the Best!”

Activity of Choice: Road Cycling

For Jordan, cycling is a family affair. Her parents are avid cyclists and although she made fun of their spandex growing up, Jordan later joined her family in training for the Seattle to Portland (STP) bike ride, which she has now done for the last five years. But that’s not all. Jordan has also participated in the Seattle to Vancouver (S2V) ride for the past two years, and last year was awarded a 3D printed kitten sculpture with her friend Kristin for their polite encouragement and enthusiasm.The kitten is inscribed with the words, “You’re the best. No, you’re the best.”

Next Activity She Would Like to Try: Triathlons.

Weber Shandwick Core Capability: Undaunted by challenges, and encourages colleagues and clients to ride outside their comfort zones.


Natalie Beaulieu: “No Tiara, No Socks. I Like Boarding Barefoot.”

Activity of Choice: Paddleboarding

Although she learned to paddleboard in Hawaii, Natalie returned to the PNW and found a host of lakes, rivers and sounds in a range of difficulty levels. In the fast-paced, always changing world of public relations, Natalie finds calm and time for introspection when she goes paddleboarding. In the Portage Bay area of Lake Union (her favorite spot), Natalie loves being surrounded by boats, waves, seaplanes and kayakers. She admits that paddleboarding in the rain is not fun and staunchly believes that everyone should go paddleboarding on their birthday (there’s no better way to spend the day).

And Natalie’s favorite place to nap? A paddleboard. Talk about redefining the “water bed.”

Life Goal (related to paddleboarding): Get her dog, Sophie Sue, on the board with her.

Desired Paddle Board Design: Crocodile green, with a crocodile drawn on it, so “it would look like I am riding a crocodile.”

Pre-Boarding Snack of Choice: Waffles or acai bowls

Weber Shandwick Core Capability: Finding the calm within the storm.


Robyn Mitchell: “I Super Nerd-Out Over Going to REI.”

Activity of Choice: Outdoor Photography

Originally hailing from Toronto, Robyn made her way to the PNW and has capitalized on all this region has to offer. Setting off to hike at least once a weekend, Robyn never leaves her house without her Nikon D5600, supported by an arsenal of editing apps and computer programs to “make her photos look awesome.” Robyn has a keen understanding of lighting and enjoys playing with contrast. But her ingenuity extends beyond photography. After her flashlight broke during a past camping trip, she was forced to strap her iPhone to her head with a bandana in order to set up camp.

From Lake Serene and Discovery Park to Mount Pilchuk and Mount Pugh (Robyn’s considers this her greatest achievement, as the elevation gain is 5,000+ feet), Robyn loves taking photographs of vistas and landscapes, and has recently delved into candid shots.

Biggest Challenge: Finding the perfect snack for hiking (hint: there is no right answer, but peanut butter pretzels and salami are a good start; not to mention a bottle of champagne on her birthday).

Best Advice: Always bring more snacks than you think you’re going to need, as “food just tastes so much better when you’re hiking.”

Next Activity She Would Like to Try: Backpacking

Weber Shandwick Core Capability: Keen eye for problem-solving and seeing the small details within the larger picture.


Karly Kurata: “One time, I Caught an Eel and I Ate It.”

Activity of Choice: Tidepooling

Unlike Nemo, Karly has no trouble pronouncing anemone, and further, she knows just where to find them. As a kid growing up in San Francisco, Karly always wanted to be a marine biologist. Unfortunately, dissections are part of deep sea diving, so Karly turned to tidepools to study the ecosystems they support. In Hawaii, Karly has found an eel and a tiny octopus, but she loves the tidepools of the Northwest because she often has to hike to find them. The coolest tidepool creatures? Sea anemones in the winter. In the winter, when the tide is low, sea anemones connect themselves to rocks and, if you look closely, you can see how they attach themselves and survive without the water surrounding them.

Favorite Creature: Crabs, because you can pick up and play with them (but yes, they do pinch).

Most Notable Sting: From an electric eel.

Weber Shandwick Core Capability: Team building and group camaraderie with clients and within the Weber Shandwick ecosystem.

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