New research shows that 80 percent of CEOs from the world’s top companies are now engaged online and via social media. While this may not seem surprising, given the ubiquity of social media in our lives today, it actually indicates a huge shift in behavior. When Weber Shandwick began tracking the social activities of chief executives, in 2010, CEO sociability was only 36 percent. In just four years, that percentage more than doubled.

Our latest report (Socializing Your CEO: From Marginal to Mainstream) details this shift and also provides a list of 9 tips for CEO social engagement, including getting social from day one and finding the right social media vehicle for your CEO.

Other top findings from the research include:

  • The Company Website Continues its Surge. The company website is the top destination for CEO communications, with nearly seven in 10 CEOs (68 percent) having a presence that includes more than just their name and standard biography page, reflecting the trend of companies becoming self-publishers of news and information.
  • Corporate Video is Fast Becoming a CEO Standard. CEOs are embracing the power of visual influence in today’s multimedia world. CEO corporate video usage is three times as high as it was in 2010, with more than half of the CEOs in the report (54 percent) now appearing in company videos.
  • 2014: A Record Year for Social Networks. After two years of little growth, the proportion of CEOs with a social network account jumped from below 20 percent in past years to 28 percent in 2014. It now appears that CEOs are more confident about how to use social — especially Twitter — without causing alarm and reputational harm.


Check out the Socializing Your CEO research infographic below and make sure to read the full report, available here.

Weber Shandwick researched the online activities of CEOs from the top 50 companies in the 2014 Fortune Global 500 ranking. The list included 17 CEOs from the U.S., 19 from Europe, 11 from Asia Pacific (APAC), and three from Latin America (LatAm).

Socializing Your CEO

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