Does your company engage in collaboration with your competition, in order to better your industry or the environment? How about sustainability? Do you share your citizenship story beyond a corporate social responsibility (CSR) Report? Or publicly advocate for a cause?

The recent CSR Business Conference in Seattle brought together CSR professionals, academics and nonprofits to explore these questions and more. Dubbed “Purpose and Profit,” the conference featured many ways that companies embed their CSR mission in every aspect of business to make a difference. Or, another way of putting it, how to incorporate social consciousness into business strategy to help drive profit.

Speakers from companies with meaningful CSR commitments in the Pacific Northwest underscored what we’ve been saying at Weber Shandwick—that consumers not only expect their favorite brands to be doing good, but also communicating about their corporate citizenship. Not only does CSR make a positive impact worldwide, but it can help a company’s bottom line. 

Here are our favorite quotes from the keynote and panelists on CSR’s “shared value.”

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