Since its launch more than a year ago, Weber Shandwick’s Mediaco offering has evolved and improved in order to keep up with the rapidly changing media landscape. Recently, Mediaco introduced a new unit called Mediaco Publish, a custom content management system (CMS), handling content creation, workflow, publishing and distribution — all with the needs of brand publishers in mind. 

Below are some of the innovative features that Mediaco Publish offers:

User experience:

Mediaco Publish’s UX helps to simplify operations and enables users of all knowledge levels to effectively manage their content.

Workflow tools:

For the most efficient and collaborative process possible, the creators of Mediaco Publish built a customized system to guide both agency teams and clients through the content creation process, including a custom dashboard and master content calendar to help organize editorial operations. 

Rich content creation tools:

Mediaco Publish offers a suite of tools that enable users to easily produce and publish high-quality content. These tools include:

  • Content template galleries, including carousels, listicles and traditional layouts
  • Dynamic interface elements
  • Responsive web design support
  • Rich media integration
  • Contextual product placement 

SEO tools:

The system’s tools help editors manage search and social metadata so teams can optimize future content based on performance.

Real-time analytics:

The CMS’s dashboard integrates real-time analytics for the entire site to help inform the content creation and curation process.


Built as a layer on top of the most widely used open-source CMS, WordPress, Mediaco Publish can be self-hosted or deployed as a SaaS solution.

Below is a preview of the Mediaco Publish interface. To learn more about Mediaco and its offerings, we invite you to check out our website.


mediaco publish tablet mobile 

mediaco publish tablet angle

mediaco publish calendar


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