While youth in foster care need our support, commitment and advocacy year-round, National Foster Care Month provides us with a special opportunity to deepen our involvement.

It also means we get a chance to spotlight one of our favorite Seattle nonprofits: Treehouse. For two years, we’ve had the privilege to provide our services to Treehouse pro bono, and we love being a part of what they do for foster kids here in Washington.

Treehouse is Washington’s leading nonprofit organization addressing the essential education and enrichment needs of kids in foster care. The youth that Treehouse serves struggle against tremendous odds: often facing a background of abuse and neglect, parental substance abuse, poverty and frequent moves between different foster homes. Treehouse helps 6,000 foster kids each year through programs that help them succeed in school, fulfill key material needs and provide the important childhood experiences that every child deserves.

Treehouse is dedicated to closing the achievement gap between foster children and their peers, and has set an ambitious goal that foster youth in King County will graduate high school at the same rate as their peers by 2017. Treehouse – at its core – gives foster kids a childhood and a future.

Want to get more involved with Treehouse for National Foster Care Month? Here are a few ideas – regardless of how much time you have:

Full day and/or ongoing: After filling out a short application and attending an orientation session, you could be on your way to tutoring foster kids in math, spreading smiles at the reception desk, or organizing clothes in the Treehouse Wearhouse – where foster youth and their caregivers can shop for free.

1-3 hours: Host a donation drive for the Wearhouse. Treehouse has all of the resources you need online – a sample email to send to friends and coworkers, wish lists and more, which makes planning a snap.

3 minutes: Spread awareness for National Foster Care Month using the hashtag #fostercaremonth and encourage your friends and family to support foster kids in Washington. Here are two suggested posts and associated images for you to share.

Visual-Facts-_2Facebook: Last year, the Treehouse Wearhouse distributed 100,000 clothes, toys, books, and school supplies to 1,600 foster youth. This helps caregivers who aren’t able to provide as much as they wish they could. Learn more about the Wearhouse: http://www.treehouseforkids.org/how-we-help/essentials/ #fostercaremonth

Twitter: The @TreehouseTweets Wearhouse distributes 100,000 clothes, toys, and school supplies a year to support foster families. #fostercaremonth


Facebook: Next mVisual-Facts-_4onth is high school graduation. Did you know that only half of foster kids graduate high school each year? You can help make a difference by supporting Treehouse’s Graduation Success program. Learn more at: http://www.treehouseforkids.org/how-we-help/academics/ #fostercaremonth

Twitter: Graduation is coming up, but many foster kids don’t ever get their cap and gown. Help @TreehouseTweets change that by 2017. #fostercaremonth


Thank you to Treehouse for all that they do for foster kids in Washington!


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