Two Minutes With” is Weber Shandwick Seattle’s employee spotlight series that provides professional and personal insight into our rockstar team. Today, we’re highlighting Rika Nakahara, our newest digital intern. Enjoy!

You were previously helping manage and produce the Japanese version of AllRecipes.com. What stood out about working there?

My role as a content manager for the AllRecipes.com international team encompassed a varieties of responsibilities. One thing that stuck with me is the concept of localization – that there isn’t one perfect format that works for all audience segments. Something like “cook to entertain at home” simply doesn’t translate well to other cultural contexts. Understanding the audience from different market segments is the first step to delivering the most fitting solution or product – that’s a mindset I’ve developed.

What’s a surprise fact most people don’t know about you?

I moved around quite a bit growing up. I transferred schools six times before high school, and another three times in high school. I guess that nomadic upbringing is where I acquired my love for travel.

What memorable places have your nomadic ways taken you? And, if you faced an apocalyptic event or dystopian future (think zombies, the Hunger Games, The Road or Revolution), which of the places you visited would you prefer to spend those days?

My favorite destination so far has been Italy. I loved the color palette I saw in every corner of the city. That being said, I would never escape to Italy during a zombie apocalypse. There are too many hidden alleyways and buildings for zombies to jump out of. Hiding in the Tibetan mountains seems ideal… until my limited outdoor survival skills failed me.

Why Weber Shandwick? And what do you hope to learn here?

What Weber Shandwick aims to do with Mediaco and the whole vision of integrated communications/PR are what drew me to this company. Weber Shandwick is practicing traditional PR with a twist, adding on multiple verticals and new media platforms. I’m really excited to be a part of two amazing accounts (and everything else I’ll have the opportunity to work on), and to see as an insider where this new trend of integrated PR/marketing is headed.

What do you do in your free time?

When I’m bored, I binge read articles on Thought Catalog (thoughtcatalog.com), collecting cheesy quotes. I also love to snowboard in the winter and go on hikes in summer.

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