The Weber Shandwick team is excited to make our fourth annual trip to Washington State University next week to attend the Murrow Symposium. Hosted by The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, the symposium acknowledges exceptional achievement in communication and connects students with industry professionals.

This year, Weber Shandwick is hosting a new “Engaging U” workshop which is tailored to help students get up to speed with the latest social and digital trends. We’ll cover industry-leading brands that are pioneering an integrated approach in the new media landscape and must-know marketing trends. Ahead of our visit, we wanted to share five tips to help students develop their personal brand and land an internship in today’s competitive job market:

  1. Google Yourself: Do an audit of your online presence by typing your name into Google. Then, do a sweep through all of your social media channels to make sure you’re always being portrayed in a professional manner. Pick one or two social media channels to focus on as your professional channels and be active on them.
  2. Stay On Top of Trends: Start building your own custom lists of relevant publications to follow. Start reading LinkedIn Pulse and subscribe to industry/trade newsletters or RSS feeds.
  3. Look Beyond PR: Advertising is now essential to how we tell stories online. Do as much research on this topic as possible. You’ll need to know it once you land your first job.
  4. Build Your Network: Twitter and LinkedIn are powerful tools to gain access to professionals. Use social media to follow, connect and engage with people that you respect in your industry.
  5. Get Personal: While we live in a digital world, face-time is still just as important. Don’t forget to schedule coffees and informational interviews. Having an in-person chat and seeing someone’s face is critical to developing relationships (and nurturing ones that may have started online).


Lastly, check out Edward R. Murrow College of Communication Professor and Head of Strategic Communication Bruce Pinkleton’s guest post covering five reasons a PR internship will jump start your career.

We’ll be presenting in GCADD 218/220 from 2:50 to 4 p.m. Hope to see you there — go Cougs!

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