victoria profile picTwo Minutes With” is Weber Shandwick Seattle’s employee spotlight series that provides professional and personal insight into our rockstar team. Enjoy!

Welcome Brianne! Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I was born and raised in Enumclaw, WA, and have lived in the same house my whole life. Growing up in a small town as an only child in a mixed race family has taught me many things about culture, tolerance and patience. Admittedly a sheltered child, I knew college was going to be a different way of life – and I couldn’t have been more excited. I attended Western Washington University and moved to the “big city” of Bellingham. There I majored in journalism with an emphasis in public relations, with a minor in Spanish and psychology. In Bellingham, I had the chance to go on hikes, attend the winter Olympics in Vancouver and enjoy the fine dining at the many Mexican restaurants in the city.

My personal beliefs are that a weekend to Ocean Shores on the Washington coast can cure anything, Pinterest will take over the Internet (in a good way) and my rescued bulldog, Roxie, is the cutest animal on the planet. 

You live so close to Mt. Rainier (Enumclaw). What’s your favorite way to enjoy the mountain?

I have been so lucky to have Mt. Rainier right out my front door growing up. Since I am not a skier or snowboarder (not due to lack of trying), my favorite way to enjoy the mountain is seeing it while on a run on a cool summer morning, hiking up at Paradise or driving over it to get to Eastern Washington to stay in Leavenworth or Lake Chelan!

You were a reporter for three different publications while at Western Washington University: Klipsun Magazine, The Planet and Western Front. How do you approach storytelling?beach

My favorite thing about writing and storytelling is trying to figure out how the story can be told in different perspectives and viewed with various opinions in mind. I enjoy how two people can read the same story and draw two different conclusions. But the number one aspect I loved about writing for those three publications was interviewing the sources. I had the privilege of meeting wonderful people and sharing who they are and what made them special to the readers. With storytelling you had the chance to be creative. There are no set guidelines. It’s all up to you as the writer and, sometimes, that can be a lot of pressure. 

Where are we most likely to find you when you’re not at work?

The kitchen! I LOVE to bake and experiment with many recipes. Baking is my yoga – it’s how I relax and the best part is I can share the final product with people. Another place you can find me is the gym or out for a run on the (flat) Enumclaw roads. I never regret a workout and appreciate that I better run while I still can. When all is said and done, I’ll be at the closest Mexican restaurant for happy hour.

What is something we would be surprised to learn about you?

I am convinced that I was supposed to be raised in the South. My absolute favorite music is country and I find the South fascinating, from the accents to the food and history. One of my dream vacations is to go to Nashville for country music fan appreciation week – if only I could find someone to go with me.

In fact, I have already been to 30+ country concerts. My favorite singer/performer is Kenny Chesney who I have seen seven times in concert. I even have my favorite pink Seattle Mariners hat signed by him.

What’s your current favorite internet meme or viral video?

Here is my favorite meme: it’s an oldie but goodie that describes my everyday battle.


I also have an obsession with dog (and cat) YouTube videos and this one about Denver the guilty dog just gets me every time. I couldn’t pick just one favorite YouTube video, so here is Tillman the surfing bulldog. I have an obsession with bulldogs and the beach, so this video is a perfect combo.

Why Weber Shandwick?

Weber Shandwick drew me in right from the beginning with the energy and passion from its employees. The talk about the culture struck me as someplace that cared about personal and professional growth as well as having a solid relationship with clients. Weber Shandwick felt like a place that I would love to be at for 40+ hours a week and an environment where I can contribute my skills and feel like a valuable employee – a place where I can make a different and learn a lot. I couldn’t be more excited to start!

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