Remember the days when brick-shaped cell phones could only spottily send and receive calls? How about meticulously transcribing directions or referring to ledger-sized map books when lost on the road? Waiting to develop rolls of film only to find that you blinked in each group shot?

Who’s feeling really old now? (Me.) But in all reality, those technologies were used not so long ago!

As technology has grown and evolved, PR has paced itself along with it. It used to be that “tech PR” could simply mean telling stories directly focused on a single product or service. Technology concepts were less nuanced and complex, and there was a stable of technology writers covering specific coverage areas like “computer hardware,” “e-mail,” or even specific operating systems like “Windows.”

More recently, the line between specific technology or even technology areas like “consumer” and “business to business” is blurring, with crossover in the areas of mobile technology, cloud computing and e-commerce to name a few. People using technology to stay connected with friends and family are expecting the same mobile, social and cloud tools to help them at work, as evidenced by the multitude of productivity and conferencing applications now widely available.

What does all of this mean for those of us covering tech PR? First look at the hottest apps, products and innovations in the tech market; the ability to personally use the technology or brand you’re helping shape the voice for; and deeper, clearer insights into the future of technology. Being part of PR’s technology practice means being able to talk tech with the developers and engineers behind the new apps and gadgets, impressing your friends with the latest tech news and probably definitely providing tech support to your parents.

Not too shabby for a serial photo-blinker.


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