Hot off the tails of a consumer product launch that included a multi-city media tour and a robust reviews program, the Digital Entertainment team is still adjusting to sitting at their desks.

Why, you ask? WS War Room

For the past three weeks, the team was huddled together in a small conference room – or as we like to call it – the war room, to prepare for a big launch.                           

“War rooming” has become somewhat of a tradition for teams here in the Seattle office. Whether it is for client events, product launches or strategy meetings, we’ve found that collaborating with your team over coffee, breakfast, lunch, more coffee and sometimes even dinner, is a recipe for success.

With the launch still fresh in our minds, we wanted to share three takeaways that helped us stay sane and execute a successful product launch that resulted in more than 70 launch day stories from publications including CNET, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, NBC News, The Associated Press and many more.  

1. Communication and organization are key: 

When coordinating meetings for executives with dozens of reporters and shipping review kits to hundreds of reporters, organization is essential. If it wasn’t for keeping notes on the whiteboard, assigning owners for certain projects and updating our shared docs in real time, we would be lost!

2. Roll with the punches: 

I’d be lying if I said product launches are easy. That said, it’s important to be flexible and to adapt to new and unexpected challenges throughout the planning and execution stages.

3. Pump up the jams: 

You may run out of things to chat about when you are sitting in the same room with the same people for three weeks straight. So why not crank the tunes?! Here are a few of our favorite jams that kept us motivated!

    1. Work B****, Britney Spears
    2. This is How We Do it, Montel Jordan
    3. Any song by Tupac
    4. The Wire, Haim
    5. Rock City, Kings of Leon
    6. All Night, Icona Pop
    7. All Eyes on You, St. Lucia
    8. Lose Yourself to Dance, Daft Punk
    9. Treasure, Bruno Mars
    10. We Can’t Stop, Miley Cyrus (sorry we had to!)


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