Whether it’s an annual event or a company milestone, how do you take a familiar story that has been told repeatedly and make it interesting for your key audiences and the media to cover? Here are three ways to breathe new life into an old story:

Be Socially Savvy: 

Find ways to engage your target audiences and make them part of your story. Whether it’s crafting creative Facebook or Twitter posts to generate online conversation around your campaign or a photo submission contest to spark active participation, do something to drive traffic to your website and raise awareness for your campaign via social channels.

Dig for Data :

Uncover recent research, studies or trends about your topic to create a fresh approach that makes your news relevant to the media and your target audiences.

Motivate the Media:

If appropriate, motivate the media to be the subject of their own story. Target select reporters who might be willing to take part in your story in a unique way and tell it from their own personal perspective. As long as their readers and followers can relate to it, reporters are usually receptive to this story angle.

Here’s how we put these steps into practice to promote the National Day of Unplugging for our client Reboot.   

Image courtesy of Jon S.

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