You may not realize it but you manage projects every day—big and small—even if your title isn’t “project manager.” Whether that means planning a large-scale PR event or cooking dinner for your family, you are often charged with facilitating a lot of moving pieces (multiple people, different personalities, looming deadlines) to ensure success. The level of management that’s needed depends on the size and type of project, but your role is important nonetheless.

When faced with a task that may seem overwhelming at the get-go, stop for a minute and try to envision the project from start to finish. That momentary pause, plus the tips below, can help you be prepared and stay in control, whatever the task may be.

objectiveEstablish the objective.

Make sure that everyone involved with the project is aware of the objective and clearly understand their contribution or role to reach that end result.  

questionsAsk the right questions upfront.

Anticipate the information you and your team will need to start the project off on the right foot. If that information wasn’t provided upfront, just ask!

resourcesAssess your resources.

Do you have access to the people, funds and/or tools you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively? 


Determine which elements are the most important to the health of the rest of the project and tackle those first.   

organizedStay organized.

Build a schedule, keep relevant files in one spot, make lists and use helpful tools like Basecamp.


Determine what works best for you and your team to stay in contact: meetings, calls, emails—whatever is most effective.


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