It’s March, which means it’s time for another SxSW! This year’s edition is right around the corner. Just a year ago I found some great tips on surviving the event, and after attending I have some more ways in which to make your SxSW 2013 a success!

  • Do your research online of the panels you want to attend and build in a lot of time to get there. Line up for the keynotes early (sometimes 60 minutes) if you want a good spot!
  • Pick up a smartphone charger that doubles as a case. Very important, especially if you will be away from your hotel room for most of the day.
  • Related, turn off any unnecessary features on your phone that draws a lot of battery power, such as “Like” notifications, push email, etc. that you might not need on-site.
  • Bring a light rain jacket that can easily fold into a backpack or bag.
  • Take it all in. There’s a LOT going on at SxSW. And have fun meeting folks (just don’t forget your business cards too).

Let’s hear your tips for the show!

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