As Twitter surges over¬†500 million users, it remains a highly valued social media marketing channel for hospitals and healthcare companies. But how does a healthcare organization avoid wasting valuable time and resources incorporating the channel into their communications mix? What’s the best way to track down others to connect and engage with on a regular basis?

There are certainly a variety of Twitter influence tracking tools, but no singular tool provides the perfect influencer mapping solution for every organization. Instead, accurate influencer mapping is often a bit of a tedious process that requires sifting through a few different tools to create a robust map to help guide your handle’s growth and engagement strategy. Here are three go-to tools that are sure to help in your mapping efforts.


Key Feature: ability to quickly visualize relevant connections and associated hashtags with the handle. Fair warning, the tool can lead you down a deep hole as you click…and click…and click.



Key Feature: ability to designate a minimum and maximum follower count along with a geographic target. Makes it incredibly easy to hone in on target influencers based on profile bio information.



Key Feature: quick visual listing of the handle’s top influencers and recent activity.

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