I’ll admit that I love to hate CES as much as everyone else. The lines for everything from check-in to taxicabs are too long, the working hours are even longer and God forbid for PR people – the news doesn’t always match the hype.

But despite the challenges, and the increasing ability for more people to watch the press conferences and booth tours and news unfold from home, CES still delivers on something no amount of online content can match – a personal connection.

Sitting in our client’s press conference this week at CES 2013 reminded me that showing new products to a crowded room is an experience that can’t be matched. The news can carry, but the visceral connection created by being a part of the crowd cannot be shared.

Similarly, the ability to connect with colleagues, clients and friends current and long-lost happens around every corner. Half of the work gets done over meals and drinks after the show ends, and the ability to catch up with people from around the world in-person cannot be replaced with emails or phone calls.

Plus, there’s always something to talk about. How much we hate CES.

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