What happens when you combine the mega-social platform Twitter with the crowd-boosting appeal of a flash mob? Answer – an innovative and effective way for organizations to drive support and interaction.

First used by social media guru and new Weber Shandwick SVP, Ryan Hodgson in 2011, a ‘tweetmob’ is a viral Twitter takeover that asks followers and friends to tweet about a predetermined message during a predetermined time. Sound familiar? However, unlike the ubiquitous nature of flash mobs, tweet mobs have been used sparingly—most only by private industry to elevate consumer products like Pepsi’s orange soda.

Ryan uses tweetmobs to support his local nonprofit booster Team Up for Nonprofits and their event series #Gigs4Good. Team Up recently promoted and executed a #tweetmob for the November Gigs concert that garnered some pretty impressive trending (@ryanintheus is Ryan Hodgson):

“TweetMob has really worked for Team Up and I believe it can work for any cause. Not only does it consistently generate a spike in ticket sales for Gigs4Good, the reach generates great awareness of our work, the work done by the cause we’re supporting, the bands performing and our sponsors,” said Ryan Hodgson.

Want to get your own tweetmob on the books? Here’s how it works:

  1. Give the deets. Post an announcement with the Who, What, When, Time and Why on your website or blog.
  2. Alert Influencers. Send an email to known influencers with large networks and post to Facebook groups to generate participation and reach.
  3. Set parameters. Utilize click-to-tweet service to provide consistent messaging and hashtags for participants.
  4. Suggest scheduling. Highlight services provided through by HootSuite or TweetDeck so people can schedule their tweetmob tweets at peak times.
  5. Send Thanks. Tweet back @ influencers and others who participated in the tweetmob to thank them for joining the effort.

We’re always excited to work with our clients to bring innovative social media executions to life. Especially clients within our social impact practice.  Check out this other example of another non-profit getting social.

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