The following is part of a week-long post series in celebration of #CMAD (Community Manager Appreciation Day – Jan. 28).

Not many community management teams can say they work as effectively as a national defense organization. However, three Weber Shandwick offices, more than a dozen contributing community managers, four time zones, content sources around the globe, one master Google ed-cal and one common mission make this account’s community management a case study in synchronized social dancing. How do we manage? Let’s break it down…

What does management mean?
For us, management simply means organization. A community manager is rarely working alone. By planning each post ahead and assigning owners to take the content from conception to reporting, we first manage ourselves.

Why does management matter?
The “too many cooks in the kitchen” notion could easily derail our social strategy if we didn’t effectively manage our team, time and channels. Effective management ensures our social posts reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. If we didn’t manage our community, our community would surely manage us.

How do we do it?
A highly structured Google Calendar is our key to success. Our color coding and labeling scheme is just as important as the content itself. We need to keep our team synced across time zones so that everyone can be quickly aware of post-owners and story ideas.

Community management has far greater meaning than just “post” or “tweet.” It’s a comprehensive organizational effort that requires a mind for detail, a creative eye and sometimes a hard head (for those “bang-head-on-desk-now” moments). However, when executed effectively, community management is a beautiful team effort, resulting in an engaged community and an undoubtedly happy community management team.

Happy #CMAD, everyone!

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