Today’s young professionals are often the recipients of many stereotypes – skinny jeans-wearing, always on the go and Facebook-obsessed – but a recent report from PayScale suggests Gen Y is having a major impact on today’s workplaces. And, guess what? Seattle’s Gen Y’s top choice!

According to PayScale’s lead economist, Katie Bardaro, “Seattle is a hub for tech, which includes IT, Engineering and Biotech. These are not only growing fields, but fields that pay well and fields that tend to hire recent college graduates. For that reason Seattle offers plenty of job opportunities and lucrative ones too.”

We have to agree. Seattle’s dynamic culture celebrates Gen Y’s desire to enjoy challenging, entrepreneurial roles in start-up environments without having painstaking long commutes. With 22% of Seattle’s workforce Gen Y, we’re hoping to see many more tech-savvy, social media-loving Gen Yer’s join our team.

What do you think of PayScale’s findings? How’s Gen Y impacting your office culture and operations?

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