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The Health & Social Impact team is very excited to welcome Megan Torres, Weber Shandwick Seattle’s newest vice president!

Megan will be leading the charge for our work with Microsoft Public Sector and assuming a leadership role on our Health and Social Impact practice. Originally hailing from MWW Group in New York where she managed corporate social responsibility and marketing practice areas, Megan moved cross country to join us in sunny Seattle. She is a “DAWG,” getting her BA at the Jackson School, and received her Masters Degree in International Economic Policy & Management from Columbia. Fun fact about Megan: She is proficient in Japanese!

Read on to find out more about the newest addition to the Weber family.

Tell us a little about yourself.
Thanks to my parents, I am an adventure seeker and lover of the unexplored. They taught at international schools overseas, so my brother and I grew up globetrotting. The result: I know no pop culture, TV or movie references before 1995…but I am convinced I would crush the competition at the Amazing Race.

What do you enjoy the most about Seattle?
Easy. Access to the outdoors. Great coffee. Great beer. And the best family and group of friends a gal could ask for. It is for me, simply, the best place on earth.

What are your rules to live/work by?
I can’t claim this as my own, but I once interviewed Sally Jewel, the CEO of REI, and she talked about the Rule of Three. She tries to spend a third of her waking hours at work, a third with family and a third giving back to the community. It is a rare day that I accomplish this balance, but it is what I strive for.

What is your most memorable PR experience?
As a kid, I was sure I would become the Ambassador to Japan. Several career zigs and zags later, this dream seemed farther and farther away. My greatest PR experience came with the realization that a lot of what I thought that job would be as a 12 year old (diplomacy, relationship building, international relations, issue expertise, partnership development) could be found in communications.

Megan Torres is a Vice President at Weber Shandwick Seattle.

Author—Kim Teruya is currently an intern at Weber Shandwick Seattle. You can find out more about Kim on herLinkedIn profile.

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