Google makes headlines and sets a new PR stunt bar, with an action-packed developers conference involving a  skydiving stunt featuring Google’s ‘Project Glass’ and introducing its first tablet,  Nexus 7. In other news, Microsoft officially buys Yammer, iPhone celebrates five years of sales with $150 billion revenue and RIM posts a loss of $518 million.

10. Dell bids $2.32 billion for Quest Software
In the bidding war for Quest Software, an enterprise software maker it was reported that a “strategic bidder” offered $2.32 billion. The undisclosed bidder is reported to be Dell Inc., which is offering more than what the “private-equity shops” Insight Venture Partners and Vector Capital are bidding. Dell is on an acquisition-spree as it continues to diversify away from personal computers, which is currently decelerating.

9. Sheryl Sandberg joins Facebook Board
Facebook, which faced criticism for not having female members on the board, named COO Sheryl Sandberg as director. Sandberg is widely viewed as a strong advocate for women in business and the tech industry and has served on boards for Disney and various other companies. The fact that she was not on Facebook’s board drew criticism from several advocacy groups that eventually led to her appointment.

8. T-Mobile CEO resigns, joining Vodafone which is splitting its European units
T-Mobile USA reported that CEO Philipp Humm resigned on Wednesday and will be joining Deutsche Telekom rival Vodafone as CEO of its Northern and Central European operations effective October 1st.Vodafone,the world’s second-largest mobile phone company is restructuring its market by splitting its European units into two divisions, appointing Philipp Humm and Paolo Bertoluzzo to head the regional units.

7. Microsoft officially buys Yammer for $1.2 billion
Rumors were floating last week around Microsoft’s acquisition of the enterprise social networking company and have  been confirmed his week. The tech giant announced that it would buy Yammer for $1.2 billion. The pricey acquisition will add cloud based social networking component to Microsoft’s business software portfolio.

6. Facebook changes everyone’s listed emails to ‘@facebook.com’
Facebook is yet again facing fury from its users. The social networking giant has changed users’ listed email address to one ending in “@facebook.com” and hidden all of their other email addresses. Though users can opt out of this option, it is troubling that the change was implemented without the user’s knowledge. However, Facebook said that it had previously announced that a switch was coming, back in April but did not detail the fact it would hide users’ email addresses and default ‘@facebook.com’ as the primary address causing security concerns.

5. AOL sets share buyback of $400 million
AOL announced plans of share buyback of $400 million of its common stock. The “Dutch Auction” offer will allow shareholders to say how many shares they want to sell at what price. The offer is part of a plan to return “100% of the proceeds to holders” from the recent patent sale to Microsoft for $1 billion, which was then resold by Microsoft to Facebook for $550 million. Under the terms of the offer, AOL stockholders will have chance to “tender some or all of their shares between $27 and $30 per share.”

4. Five years later, iPhone revenue hits $150 billion
It’s been five years since Apple launched its first iPhone. The world’s most valuable company has come a long way since 2007 in terms of sale of its iPhone. Since the launch, Apple has generated cumulative revenue of $150 billion according to Strategy Analytics, which is reporting that the number only includes the hardware sales having sold 250 million units globally.  Check out 10 things you didn’t know about the birth of the iPhone.

3. Research In Motion earnings miss badly
As expected the struggling smartphone maker, RIM posted its first-quarter reports falling short of Wall Street expectations. RIM announced a quarterly loss of $518 million on sales of $2.8 billion. Following the loss, the company will cut 5,000 jobs by the end of the year. RIM also announced that it has pushed the expected launch of its BlackBerry 10 smartphone to 2013. The future looks bleak to the embattled Blackberry maker as analysts are concerned RIM’s loss could accelerate with the delay of Blackberry devices.

2. Google wins the Internet with a live skydiving demo of Google Glass
Google I/O, the company’s annual conference for developers was action-packed with a skydiving stunt featuring Google’s ‘Project Glass’, unveiling its first tablet and entry into hardware by manufacturing its own streaming device. Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin surprised the audience by delivering a demo of Google Glass using Google+ hangout which involved a live demo of skydivers wearing the augmented reality glasses. Priced at $1500, Google Glass is currently available to developers only.

1. Google unveils Nexus 7 tablet to take on iPad, Kindle
The most widely anticipated product at Google’s developers conference was the Nexus 7, Google’s first tablet built by Asus. The Nexus 7 tablet priced at $199 is competing with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and features a front-facing camera that is missing from Kindle Fire. The search engine giant intends to go after cost-conscious users who might shun the pricier iPad. But can it push ahead of iPad, Kindle Fire and Surface?

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