Spain PR vs. U.S. PR: 4 Things You Need to Know

Last week my colleague Deepthi Cauligi talked about the differences between Los Angeles and Seattle in the PR industry. This week I will take a broader approach taking a look at those international differences between the U.S. and Europe, specifically with Spain.

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Learning the Spokesperson Dance

One of the best spokespeople I ever trained wasn’t a CEO. Or a corporate executive of any kind for that matter. He was a hip hop dancer who was preparing for a national tour to promote a well-known consumer product you’ve seen on your grocer’s shelves. In many ways, he landed the spokesperson gig because […]

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Tech Insider: Joe Farren on the Mobile Industry

Joe Farren, Executive Vice President at Weber Shandwick and subsidiary Powell Tate, leads the Washington D.C tech practice and plays a key role in bringing policy, policy makers and influencers to the national stage. We had the pleasure of having Joe in our office, where he discussed tech policy and, more specifically, the Mobile Industry. […]

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Trending Tech: Acquisitions, New Products and Oracle Cloud

It’s a week of acquisitions as Google purchased Meebo and Quickoffice, and Citrix Systems acquired Bytemobile. In other news, Oracle unveiled new public cloud-based services, Napster founders unveiled a new video chat service and Microsoft announced ‘Smartglass’ technology for Xbox 360. 10. Samsung Names New CEO The man who led Samsung Electronics to the top […]

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Social On the Inside

If you’re in the communications industry, I’m sure you’ve heard somebody say, “Social media comes naturally to public relations people.” Indeed, our penchant for engaging others – particularly influencers – has helped us be social media early adopters; we were quick to incorporate social platforms to help our clients engage potential advocates. But I’m afraid […]

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BlogHer Food 2012: A Foodie’s Dream Come True

Anyone who knows me knows that food is a big part of my life—when I’m eating breakfast, I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat for lunch; when I’m eating lunch, I’m thinking about…well you get the point. So you can only imagine how excited I am for tomorrow—the start of BlogHer Food in Seattle, […]

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PR Internship Snapshot: Los Angeles vs. Seattle

Moving from sunny Los Angeles to rainy Seattle, I’ve had the opportunity to work in two major PR hubs. Because of this, I’ve had many Seattleites ask me about my experience in LA. With those questions, I’ve also heard some assumptions about LA PR that were clearly drawn from popular media. Below, I attempt to break the myths.

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The Changing Face of Communications

On Tuesday, June 12, 2012, PRSA Puget Sound is holding a must-attend event that will cover a variety of topics aimed at addressing today’s changing communications landscape. The Changing Face of Communications will include many local expert speakers throughout the day, including our very own Senior Vice President and Healthcare Practice Lead Rose Berg. Rose […]

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Digging In with the University Link Light Rail

For me, most projects start with a leading question: Are you afraid of heights? How do you feel about being underground? As a documentary filmmaker, I tend to get a front row seat to adventure. For this project, I was able to tag along for a few days while the team at Traylor Frontier-Kemper completed […]

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