The first thing everyone asked after I returned from the event was, “How was the food?!”   Well, I’m still embarrassed to admit this, but I forgot to eat.

Shocking, right? Who goes to a food conference, takes photos of the food and then forgets to eat? This girl. And I’m not a happy camper when I’m hungry/my blood sugar gets low. I become hangry (when you’re so hungry you become angry). Anyone who knows me knows what hangry is.

But as I look back on my experiences at BlogHer 2012 and the lack of food I consumed, it all starts to make sense—I didn’t forget to eat, it just wasn’t a priority. Between all the sessions (including one from Weber Shandwick’s own Janet Helm) and the people in attendance, I enjoyed everything the event had to offer, and spent my time being inspired and engaging with the talent whose presence I was in.  And I tweeted through it all, as did everyone else at the event. For anyone that wasn’t able to attend, BlogHer’s Janna Hatfield posted daily recaps via tweets—and you can check out the day one recap here, which also includes a tweet from yours truly!

An inspiring event to say the least, it was also great to finally meet some people I’ve been working with for over four years now, including THE Rockin Mama, Caryn Bailey! We texted, emailed and tweeted all day trying to figure out what session we could meet up in, when we figured out we were both planning to attend a video shooting session. To make a long story short, we were both so engaged in the session that we didn’t even notice we were sitting right next to each other until it was almost over!

For those of you still wondering if I ended up hangry, don’t worry—it all worked out.  By the time I remembered I should eat, I tracked down a plate of spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  Knowing that the small plate of spinach wouldn’t be enough, I also ran over to the Chobani exhibitor booth and enjoyed one of their Passion Fruit Greek Yogurts—which I recommend trying if you haven’t already; it was delicious and I actually picked some up at the grocery store this week!

All in all, BlogHer Food 2012 was everything I hoped it would be, and more.  While I may not have eaten as much as I planned to, I definitely learned a lot (including the secret to the world’s best PB&J, thanks to Catherine McCord) and feel lucky to have been there.  And now it’s time to start the countdown for BlogHer Food 2013 in Austin!

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