Along with Wade Rockett and Laura Gonia, I’ll be reporting on all the happenings at SxSW 2012 in Austin, Texas, which kicks off on Friday.

Earlier this week I spoke with Rockett, a SxSW veteran, who provided some great tips on surviving the show:

  • Eat proper food at least once a day, don’t forget to drink water and get good sleep.
  • Dress accordingly; it’s probably going to be warmer than you think.
  • Texas rain isn’t like Seattle rain. It can quickly turn into a downpour that will leave you soaked through if you have to walk across downtown Austin, so plan your movements accordingly.
  • Keep your commitments minimal, and be prepared to abandon your carefully-constructed schedule at a moment’s notice. Ideally you’ll be running into amazing people who will want to stop and talk with you at length, or invite you to go do something unexpected.
  • When you’re choosing what you’re going to bring with you to the convention center, ask yourself, “Am I going to be able to conveniently and securely stow this anywhere I might possibly go? If not, how quickly can I get to the hotel, drop it off, and come back?”

I also received from great tips on how not to die (via Nathan T. Wright). Favorite quote:

“Resist the urge to live-tweet every sentence from every panel and keynote. This will kill your phone (and you). Broadcast a few choice nuggets here and there, plus your own perspective. That’s enough.”

Finally, here’s a great list of ways to find great eats on the cheap. (via Rockett)

What tips do you have for SxSW attendees?

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