At Weber Shandwick we’re true business partners with our clients. For every press release we write or social media community we manage, there are just as many discussions about how to integrate with the rest of the client’s marketing mix. And being part of developing a solid web strategy is no exception.

During a SxSW session, Jen Simmons spoke about the future of HTML5 and web development. At the panel I learned that the next version of your client’s website may allow for data to be stored locally on your phone/computer/tablet device, just in case you lose your Internet connection.

Currently, if you are on a website filling out details and the Internet connection is lost, there’s a possibility that when you hit the “submit” button, all your data is lost and you have to start from scratch. Anyone who has tried to fill out a long registration form or blog post online can attest to the potential hassle of having to fill out content a second time.

The session also touched on developing mobile applications, vs. building a website designed to be read by all flavors of computing devices. Simmons was asked by an audience member if she thought the web browser will one day be irrelevant? In fact, she thinks because the app has a “walled garden” approach, there’s a greater opportunity for the web browser to host one environment that will better connect a user’s activities.

While the “app vs. web” debate rages on, the audience received a piece of excellent advice: if you’re a marketer working with web developers on a project, get them involved as early on in the process as possible. I couldn’t agree more.

As a communications professional, how much do you spend time working with web teams? What collaboration strategies have worked for you?

Image courtesy of Silveira Neto.

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