If you’re anything like us, you’re eager to catch KIRO TV’s special tonight, Connect with Jenni Hogan. The program, both live on-air and streamed online, will give content control and direction to the audience. This is another great example in development around the idea of the ‘second screen’, when TV viewers engage with traditional television content and programing through an additional device like a mobile phone or tablet.

There are many reasons why we’ll be watching tonight on our various screens and engaging in what looks to be a lively conversation around social media.  (And because you’re dying to know, for me that means in bed with a couple mutts, laptop fired up, Twitter running, Facebook live and the TV on.) To touch on just a few of our reasons:

  • We live, love and breathe this space. It’s fun, exciting and even better when we get to see how people interpret this emerging type of engagement and bring it to life.
  • Local TV personality, social media guru and show hostess, Jenni Hogan, will be driving her self-proclaimed “dream show.” Jenni is not only KIRO TV’s on-air morning traffic gal, but also a mom, wife, and positive leader in the Seattle community, with strong, and genuine, online community engagement.

A past spotlight post illustrates our take on why Jenni has been so successful with online engagement and community growth. Personally, as a new mom looking for a fresh community of support, I hopped online and quickly found myself chatting with Jenni as part of a group through her Mission Hot Mommas. We can all learn a great deal from Jenni in how we engage with our various communities. (Bonus points if you can spot me in this picture of all of us moms recently celebrating our accomplishments with Jenni.)

Check out the promo for “Connect” below for more info on tonight’s show. You know we’ll be watching and engaging tonight, what about the rest of you? Any predictions?

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