On Feb. 22, Seattle based Real Estate Giant Colliers International launched a non-profit—Everyone Gives, which led to local (Seattle Times) and national media (CNN) attention. The goal of Everyone Gives is to harness the power of social media by prompting giving to go viral. Rather than donating directly to organizations, you use the site as a search engine to find organizations you want to support and then publicize your donation via social media. By urging your friends to multiply your donation, you give more power to smaller seed donations (even $5), that many often feel are too small to create impact.

The site also aims to make giving visual. When you join a “Giving Tree” you can watch how your donation is multiplied through engagement from your social networks. Humans naturally want to feel that a donation has made an impact, and this visual format allows users to immediately connect to their donation, as well as develop a personal sense of responsibility to help it grow. You can watch a quick, creative video overview here. You can also check out their Twitter and Facebook.

Everyone Gives is not the first online giving site – online portals such as Network for Good, Just Give, among others, operate under the same concept and have taken advantage of the strong growth seen in online giving over the past few years. During the past three months alone, online giving has increased more than 12 percent from the same time last year (Blackbaud Index of Online Giving).

What’s different about Everyone Gives is that the site built social media integration directly into its giving platform and overall mission. Users seamlessly become online advocates for the charity of their choice – which is a key asset for non-profits who are building their online base of supporters. According to non-profit fundraiser Convio and their infographic below, there were 38.7 million calls to action online for non-profits. In an age where we are inundated every moment with new Facebook and Twitter updates, seeing a call to action from someone in your own personal network becomes increasingly important.

Will the site be successful? As of Feb. 29, the seven-day-old site had raised $458,020, engaging 9,047 participants in 60 countries with 1,343 different charities. I urge you to check out the site and match your online voice to your passions.

*Cover Image from Everyone Gives

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