With Google+ becoming a growing social media platform, more companies are “adding” it (no pun intended) to their online communities to keep up with the newest tools and methods in online engagement. In November 2011, Google announced Google+ branded pages (versus profiles) for companies to interact directly with their community and boost brand visibility online. When users add a brand to their circles, it increases that brand’s follower count. Because Google+ is comment and engagement-driven, pages are a great tool for a brand to use for interacting with its followers in a very transparent way (and not be limited by 140 characters).

Take Mashable, for example. As a leader in social media trends, the company, as you can see here, is utilizing Google+ to its full potential with a strong community of followers and steady, exciting content sharing that relate to its brand.

If Google+  is new to you or your organization, learn the lingo to understand how the platform can benefit a brand. For instance, Circles are a selection of contacts within your network that allows targeted sharing and engagement. Google+ Hangouts offer a real-time engagement tool with features such as instant chat, video, audio and file-sharing capabilities.

Check out the video below to see Google+ in action and sign up for a Google+ profile if you haven’t already so you can check it out for yourself. One of my favorite mottos: “Learn by doing.”

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