Facebook IPO news dominated headlines this week with the lead up to its S-1 filing. The IPO papers revealed interesting insight on the company, including Zuckerberg’s take on Facebook’s mission and his extremely low salary. Meanwhile, Amazon disappointed analysts by missing its sales target by nearly $1 billion and executive turnover continued with Sony’s CEO replacement. Showing the wind is back in the private equity world: venture capitalist Andreessen-Horowitz shared that it raised a billion dollars in its most recent fund.

10. Windows Phone 8 ‘Apollo’ to Bring NFC, Skype Integration and Easier Porting of Apps
Pocketnow uncovered a video for Windows 8 partners that details key features for Windows Phone 8, including Skype integration, Near Field Communication support for mobile payment and multi-core processor support. The video also reveals that Microsoft expects 100,000 apps to be in the marketplace by 2012.

9. Apple Now Top PC Maker, Report Says
Market analyst firm Canalys said that Apple controls 20 percent of the PC market share – a number that includes tablets. In the same report, they shared that Ultrabook sales are unlikely to impact Apple’s market share. This is one way to redefine the PC market.  Let’s see if other analysts follow suit.

8. Microsoft Launches a Newspaper Ad Campaign Critical of Google’s New Privacy Policy
In response to Google’s media blitz defending their privacy policy, Microsoft purchased advertising in several media outlets to try and convince users to make a switch to Microsoft. Google came under fire from consumers and regulators after unifying their privacy settings under one policy. As predicted the Google policy has landed with a thud and underdog Microsoft is seizing the day.

7. Google, Facebook and Host Of Other Tech Companies Join Effort To Fight Dangerous Spam Scams
In order to combat phishing-scams, fifteen major tech companies will develop anti-spam software called DMARC. The software will require emails purported to be from a domain using the software to provide authentication before the email is sent. Ars Technica columnist Peter Brightsays that even though no software can eliminate phishing attacks, DMARC will make email a lot safer.

6. Here Come the Cloud Cartels
Forrester reports that cloud computing, which is expected to reach 22 billion devices by 2020, will be controlled by a few tech giants instead of many newcomers. Among those named as industry leaders were Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and Cisco. Notably absent were Dell, SAP and HP. The race is on.

5. Samsung Under EU Antitrust Investigation For Unfair Use Of 3G Patents
The EU is investigating if Samsung unfairly prevented competing cell phone makers from licensing its 3G patents. The 3G patents that Samsung owns are considered essential to phones and tablets. Patent battles are here to stay.

4. Andreessen-Horowitz Raises $1.5B For Third Fund In Three Years
Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen and venture capital partner Ben Horowitz will use the fund to invest in consumer and enterprise technology. Andreessen-Horowitz has raised $2.7 billion in the last three years and then invested in Internet giants such as Skype,Twitter, Facebook and Groupon. This firm is the new Kleiner Perkins, setting the trends for what is the next big thing.

3. Sony Selects Its Video Games Chief As New Leader
Kazuho Hirai, who helped make Sony’s PlayStation a dominant force in gaming, was named as Howard Stringer replacement.  Stringer has been the first (and perhaps last) non-Japanese CEO for Sony.

2. Amazon Misses; Q4 Net Income Down 58 Percent To $177M; Sales Up 35 Percent
A less-than-stellar fourth quarter report for Amazon revealed missed sales expectations, while the company beat earnings estimates. Supply floods in Thailand and poor video game sales were noted as two of the driving factors behind missed analyst expectations. The dilemma of being so successful, it is hard to continue to grow at these rates.

1. Facebook Files For IPO
The offering, which could give the company a valuation of $100 billion, is expected to raise $5 billion for Facebook. Biggest IPO ever! In his S-1 filing, Zuckerberg said that Facebook was not originally intended to be a company and that it was created “…to accomplish a social mission — to make the world open and connected.” Following in the footsteps of Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg revealed that he will receive an annual salary of $1. The news of this IPO filing lifted the entire tech sector.

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