The flooding in Thailand forces Intel to project $1 billion less revenue than analysts expected for 2011. Tablet buzz persists as HP CEO Meg Whitman declares that Web OS, the software behind HP’s Touch Pad, will be an open-source project, while Amazon announces a software release to address issues experienced with the Kindle Fire.

10.  Phones Get Game Power in the Cloud
In a game-changing move, start-up OnLive is providing the computing power to enable play of high end games on tablets and mobile devices through the cloud. OnLive CEO Steve Perlman believes that services like OnLive will eliminate the need for next-generation video game consoles. With this power surge, gaming is rising to a new level.

9. Federal Grand Jury is Investigating Solyndra, Bankruptcy Court Filings Show
Three months after declaring bankruptcy and terminating 1,100 employees, the solar panel company is being investigated by the federal government. Solyndra raised $1.1 billion in venture capital funds and a $535 million loan from the U.S. Department of energy, but was unable to compete with other solar panel companies.

8. UK Judge Sanctions Live-Tweeting for Reporters
A high-ranking UK judge has ruled that reporters can live-tweet legal proceedings and hearings, but they cannot post pictures or videos of them via Twitter. Citizens, however, are still barred from tweeting while attending legal proceedings. We will see what the public verdict is on this decision.

7. The New Twitter: Everything You Need to Know
In a bold move, Twitter released a new look with a three-column home page for users, making it easier to view followers’ tweets, mentions and bios. Twitter also released a feature for brands, similar to Facebook Pages and Google+ brand pages. Users need to upgrade to the latest version on their Android or iPhone to gain access.

6. Amazon Planning Kindle Fire Updates to Fix Complaints
Despite being the second hottest tablet behind iPad, the Kindle Fire received several recent customer complaints. This ranged from a poor touchscreen to not having an external volume button. Amazon promised to release an over-the-air update to its software, addressing some problems.

5. German Court Says iPhones, iPads Infringe on Motorola Patents
In the latest round of the mobile patent wars, a German court ruled that iPhone infringed on one of Motorola’s patents and granted the mobile company an undisclosed settlement. Apple will fight the ruling and plans to keep the iPhone and iPad on the market for Christmas.

4. IBM Joins Rush for Cloud Companies, Buys DemandTec for $440 Million
As the latest company to jump the cloud computing bandwagon, IBM announced it would acquire DemandTec. The amount is 56.6 percent per share more than the company trades for currently. DemandTec offers research analytic software as a service through the cloud.

3. A Delisting for Olympus Puts Japan In a Debate
Well-known camera manufacturer Olympus, may be delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange after reports surfaced that it covered up more than $1 billion in losses. Recently ousted Olympus CEO Michael Woodford is urging Olympus’ board of directors to resign in an attempt to prevent delisting.

2. HP: WebOS is Now an Open Source Project
Instead of selling the mobile platform, HP CEO Meg Whitman decided that HP would keep WebOS and release its source code to the public – a move similar to what Google did with Android. This is expected to put Web OS on mobile devices not manufactured by HP. Will be interesting to see if this OS has legs.

1. Intel Cuts Fourth-Quarter Outlook, Citing Supply Shortages
Flooding in Thailand, which wiped out several hard drive manufacturer factories, caused Intel to reduce its projected revenue by $1 billion. Although Intel does not make computer hard drives, manufacturers will reduce the number of computers they make in 2012 and purchase fewer processors from Intel. Chaos theory in action.

Disclaimer: Motorola is a Weber Shandwick client.

The next issue of “Trending Tech Top Ten” will be published January 6, 2012.

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